Evil Editing….

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Oh, editing, how I loath thee, let me count the ways….. Okay, maybe I can’t actually make a particularly long list of just what I hate about final edits – it seems to just come down to two basic things: they’re time-consuming and fiddly. I had planned to realise my second romance, ‘The Spaniard’s Secret Daughter’, at the end of last year. The words were pretty much all there, just a little tweaking to do… Well, actually it turned out to be rather a lot of tweaking. And then Christmas…read more


Heigh Ho Heigh Ho, It’s Back To Work We Go…..

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After a lovely break for Christmas and New Year, it’s time to knuckle down and get back to some serious writing! It seems I always forget quite how long it takes to prepare for Christmas! I had planned to write ‘properly’ up until about December 20th, but I tend to do most of my writing in the evening when little peeps are asleep. This isn’t really any good when you need the kiddies-out-of-the-way time to wrap all the presents! I endeavoured to fit some writing in during the daytime, but,…read more


Quiet times……

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On an average day I think I manage to get through day-to-day business pretty well – just about keeping on top of the housework, stopping mini people from killing each other and destroying all in their path, and occasionally even managing to fit a wee bit of writing in. It’s only when my four little peeps are out that I realise quite how much extra I can get done without requests for bananas and juice to distract me. Who knew I spent so much time each day building with Lego…read more