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new green hills cover

When my publisher, Joffe Books, showed me the cover they’d designed for the eBook version of my romance ‘The Green Hills of Home’, I loved it. The young couple, gazing into one another’s eyes against a rural backdrop looked perfect for my book. Little did I know at the time that there was a real romance going on in the photo being used!

A couple of months ago I was emailed by an Italian male model. I suspect this will be the only time in my life I will ever be able to say that! His name was Alex. He apologised for his poor English, which was completely unnecessary as his English was wonderful. He explained that he and Isabel are the very couple featured on the cover of ‘The Green Hills of Home’. The photoshoot took place in 2013, but they’ve actually been together for 4 years. They met in a bar and it certainly sounds like it was love at first sight to me!

Alex was wondering if there was any way he could get a paper copy of the novel with their cover to give Isabel for her forthcoming birthday. The problem being that the paperback version of the book had a different cover.

I spoke to Joffe Books and told my editor Alex’s story. Obviously being a true romantic at heart himself, my editor had a paperback edition with Alex and Isabel’s cover made available, and I was able to post them a signed copy in time for Isabel’s birthday. Alex tells me she was thrilled with her present, and the couple have even bought copies of my other books!

How’s that for a happy ending?