Quiet times……

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On an average day I think I manage to get through day-to-day business pretty well – just about keeping on top of the housework, stopping mini people from killing each other and destroying all in their path, and occasionally even managing to fit a wee bit of writing in.
It’s only when my four little peeps are out that I realise quite how much extra I can get done without requests for bananas and juice to distract me. Who knew I spent so much time each day building with Lego and dinosaurs? I suspect a fair few hours just go in preparing enough food to give four hungry boys the energy to rampage.
Here’s the crux of the matter: as much as I love to write, I love my boys far, far more, which is why I tend to fit in the majority of my working time in the evening – I’d much rather give up time in front of the TV than time playing with my little pals. Although, I admit, there are times, particularly during editing, when slightly more coffee is required than is strictly sensible at almost midnight.
It’s been nice to have a few hours of productive quiet, but I can’t wait for them to get home and cause some mayhem. I’ve already got movie night planned followed by a lovely long storytime and plenty of cuddles!
2013-08-25 14.07.13