Exciting times!

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Sorry for being a bit useless about blogging, but it’s been busy, busy here recently!

For those of you wondering when The Spaniard’s Secret Daughter will FINALLY be released, my answer is … very soon! And it will be published by my new publisher, Joffe Books, an imprint of Not So Noble Books, who I’ve just signed a two year contract with.

The Green Hills of Home has been relaunched by Joffe Books, complete with an awesome new tag line! Last edits are just being completed on The Spaniard’s Secret Daughter, which should be available from next month.

If you loved The Green Hills of Home, you’ll adore The Spaniard’s Secret Daughter! Set between London and sultry Mediterranean Spain, this passionate love story charts the turbulent relationship between my heroine, the strong, independent, but lonely single mum, Iris, and her estranged lover, fiery Spaniard Sergio Batista-Sanchez. Beginning with the chance encounter of the two ex-lovers and Sergio’s earth-shattering discovery of his little girl, Paola, The Spaniard’s Secret Daughter follows Iris’ struggles with the forceful and powerful Sergio as he demands to be a real father to their child. Fighting through a tangled web of emotions and the reawakening of her old desire for him, Iris must learn to overcome her distrust of Sergio and her terror that he’ll whisk Paola away from her and she’ll never see her precious daughter again…

I’m currently working on a novella entitled Just Desserts, about a pastry chef who’s engaged to be married, but finds herself falling for her handsome French co-worker. It’s been so fun to write!