‘I Need a Hero’ is Available in Paperback!

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My latest novel, 'I Need a Hero', is now available in paperback!

I think it’s been my favourite book to write, so far anyway! It contains more humour than my previous works, and was such fun to delve back into each day. I could often be found giggling at my laptop as my heroine Bronte’s evil cat, Mr Darcy, got up to more of his antics, including attempting to scare off Sebastian Fairfax, Bronte’s seemingly perfect ‘hero’. Thankfully Mr Darcy has better taste than his mistress and he’s more than happy to purr contentedly for Bronte’s next door neighbour, lovely dentist Ryan.

Research for the novel was often fun (horseriding), educational (I learnt a scary amount about polo and swanky Gentleman’s Clubs), and sometimes frankly painful (scratches from my own evil cat and a sore bottom from the horseriding). What I out myself through for my readers eh?

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