Quiet times……

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On an average day I think I manage to get through day-to-day business pretty well – just about keeping on top of the housework, stopping mini people from killing each other and destroying all in their path, and occasionally even managing to fit a wee bit of writing in. It’s only when my four little peeps are out that I realise quite how much extra I can get done without requests for bananas and juice to distract me. Who knew I spent so much time each day building with Lego…read more


Extract from ‘The Spaniard’s Secret Daughter’.

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Last week I read an extract from my forthcoming title, ‘The Spaniard’s Secret Daughter’, at an event, and I thought it might be nice to share it on here as well! This is going to be the beginning of the novel, which stars a young single mother called Iris, who has a daughter by her Spanish boss, Sergio. Iris keeps her child hidden from Sergio, but eventually he finds out that he’s a father, and is none too pleased at being deceived! Determined to play a large part in his…read more


One down….

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Well, I made it through my first ‘official’ author event at Abergavenny Library on Wednesday! It wasn’t actually nearly as scary as I thought it might be. Everyone was really friendly, there was plenty of lively discussion and cakes made by one of the librarians, plus I got my own bottle of water and cup! (made my day!). The library had gone to lots of trouble with posters outside and inside the library, and once I’d finished setting up my stuff it looked pretty professional, if I do say so…read more


Abergavenny Library October 9th. 6pm

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I’ll be chatting away about my writing in Abergavenny library from 6pm on October 9th. I’ll have signed copies of ‘The Green Hills of Home’ for sale, and will be reading an extract from my forthcoming romance, ‘The Spaniard’s Secret Daughter’, as well as answering any questions people care to throw at me! It should be good fun, plus there’ll be refreshments, so pop along if you’re in the area.


Finally, a blog!

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Well it’s taken a while, but I’ve now got around to setting up this blog. I say ‘setting up’, but that makes it sound like a relatively simple task…. it wasn’t. WordPress, it turns out, is rather confusing! If anyone has any hints or tips to make this page look any better etc, please leave a comment! I need all the help I can get….