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Today is publication day for my new contemporary romance Falling in Love at Nightingale Farm which is available in ebook and paperback formats from Amazon:

‘Polly Pressman is a London girl through and through. So when she’s asked to help save an old family friend’s struggling farm, she’s way out of her depth.

She arrives at Nightingale Farm trying to impress John and his gruff-but-hunky son Mark with her business know-how. But it’s clear from her sky-high stilettos that she is woefully unprepared.

Polly knows how much the farm means to John, and she’s doing everything she can to get it back on its feet. Soon people are flocking to visit the petting zoo and cute coffee shop and go strawberry picking.

Finally Mark sees that Polly truly cares about Nightingale Farm. And one night after too much of John’s homemade cider, the pair find themselves alone and unable to deny their attraction . . .

Romance is blossoming at Nightingale Farm. Will Polly trust her instincts and leave behind the big city for good?’



I’ve been having a lovely day with a gorgeous card and present from all my boys, a beautiful dog walk in the sunshine, and an enjoyable live stream with the fantastic Genevieve from the YouTube channel My Complicated Life:

I put a call out for questions a couple of days ago on my social media channel and I had some great ones (and one absolute stinker!). You can watch the replay here:

There’s also been a fair amount of sharing on social media and vlogging for a new YouTube video involved, but once I finish writing this blog post and I’ve sent off my newsletter, I am done with work for today and date night commences!

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