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  • Hello there! Silly old me forgot to update you all that my lovely publisher, Spellbound Books, decided to push back the release of my first book with them to June 1st! They think it makes the perfect summer read because ‘Her Sister’s Baby’ is pure escapism and is even set at the seaside. I’m sorry readers are having to wait a bit longer, but it’ll be worth it!   I’ll be receiving edits from my editor at the end of this week, and am really looking forward to getting stuck back into the

  • I have a confession to make. I’m an unfaithful reader. It’s rare for me to read one book at a time. I can hear you now…sacrilege! I know. But it gets worse. They are usually different genres. Currently, I’m reading a romance (The Princess Trap), a young adult mystery/suspense (One of Us Is Lying), and a sci-fi/fantasy (Seveneves). Just this past week I finished a horror (Nocturnal) and a paranormal cozy mystery (Accidentally Hexed). Some might hint that I have attention issues and they wouldn’t be wrong. I’m a multitasker. I handle

  • It’s been well over a year now since Covid-19 first made an appearance, and since then people’s lives have been very different indeed.   I was interested to find out how the pandemic has affected writers in particular, both in how they go about their writing and taking into account how the publishing process may have changed.   My husband and I already worked from home and so our day to day work lives haven’t really been very different, but I’m aware that an awful lot of writers have had to change their writing

  • It’s not long now until Valentine’s Day is upon us again.   I may be in the minority, but I look forward to it. My husband and I don’t usually exchange gifts, but we make each other cards, make some cocktails, and cook a special supper together, bribing the kids with video games and pizza so we get some time to ourselves.   I know a lot of people think Valentine’s Day is a bit of a waste of time, and I agree we should make a fuss of people we love and let

  • I enjoy making resolutions at the New Year because I tend to try to make them things I’ll enjoy doing and will add pleasure to my life. The benefit of this is that, funnily enough, I usually stick to them!   I read a fair bit usually, and certainly every day. I don’t think you can really be a writer if you’re not a big reader as well. I read for at least half an hour every night before going to bed, I find it a brilliant way to relax before going

  • Happy New Year!   I appreciate I’m a little late to the party, but doesn’t it feel like this year is getting up to a bit of a slow start? Or is that just me? Maybe it’s just that January feeling, and it doesn’t help that it’s been so blinking cold!   I managed to have a proper break from all worky stuff over Christmas and New Year. It was definitely a strange one, without being able to see anyone from outside our household, but, thankfully, we all like each other! We made up

  • Thank you, Laura, for inviting me onto your lovely blog – especially at this wonderful time of year. I’m feeling extremely festive, which is a bit strange, given the state of affairs in the world at the moment. It’s been a horrible year all round, hasn’t it? I’ve hardly been out of the house, and I’m roughly twice the size I was last year, which is saying something, believe me. The one good thing about 2020 for me, personally, has been the arrival of my newest grandchild. Little Freddie is a joy

  • Hi Emma and thanks for inviting me to your book blog. Beginnings I’m an independent author based near Windsor, UK. Whilst undergoing skin cancer treatment in 2013, I found I had time on my hands to try something new, so I did an online creative writing course and started writing short stories. I joined a writing group in Windsor and this helped me with writing tips and developed my confidence. By 2015 I had a collection of short stories and sought the help of a copy editor to knock them into shape.

  • So I received a very exciting email the other day: attached to it was a contract from new kid on the publishing block, Spellbound Books!   Spellbound was conceived this year by Sumaira Wilson and Nikki East, two awesome women who’ve both been in and around the publishing industry for years.   More about the company can be found on their website:   I’ve been Facebook friends with Sumaira, Spellbound’s production director, for ages. I began seeing announcements on her feed when Spellbound started up, but my manuscript wasn’t quite ready to be sent off into

  • The news has recently been announced in The Bookseller that Amazon’s Audible have finally listened to authors and representatives from the publishing industry, and have changed their returns policy – royalties will now be paid to authors if a book is returned more than 7 days after it’s purchased. The new rule will come into play from 1st January 2021.   If you have a subscription to The Bookseller, you can read their article here:   At the moment, if an audiobook from Audible is returned or exchanged within a year, the royalties are

  • So many independent bookshops are struggling terribly at the moment and are having to really think outside the box to find ways to help customers continue to use them.   Online sales have become far more important, and some businesses have been offering home deliveries, mystery book parcels, signed copies, and Zoom or Facebook events as a way of standing out of the crowd.   It is more important than ever to shop locally whenever we can, and so I was very pleased to see the exciting announcement made recently that the website

  • A couple of weeks ago, I released my first ever children’s book under my real name. ‘The Snotty Princess’ is a story for young children about a princess called Sophie, whose life is perfect, until she wakes up one day feeling TERRIBLE and discovers that even Princesses get snotty noses. The book was published on my mum’s birthday as I have dedicated it to her as a thank you for the many, many books she read me as a child. Becoming a children’s author has been a dream of mine for longer