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I get it, as much as you enjoy reading a particular author’s books, you can’t always afford to buy them all new and in hardback, and pick up a few more to gift to friends and family. And that’s fine! But there are ways you can support your favourite authors without it costing you a penny, and none of them will take up a lot of your time.


1: Borrow books from the library – every time you borrow a book from a library the author of that book gets a tiny amount paid to them. In the UK, this comes from the ALCS which stands for the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Authority. If your local library doesn’t carry your favourite author’s books then request that they order them in. Librarians love to know what readers want and will usually do their best to get copies of requested books, especially if the author happens to be local to the library.


2: Recommend one of your favourite author’s books to your local book group – if the author is local, you might even be able to convince them to come along to the meeting! A book group gets people talking about the author as well as guaranteeing sales or library loans when the members need to get hold of their copies.


3: Share the author’s social media posts if they post something you think your own followers would enjoy or benefit from.


4: Sign up for the author’s newsletter – this is completely free and means you keep up to date with their new releases and any events they might be doing. Sometimes extra chapters are given to subscribers for free, and there are usually special offers and competitions to take advantage of. Details of my own newsletter can be found on my website at:


5: Post reviews on Amazon! These reviews make a huge difference to whether or not Amazon recommends books to shoppers and how they are seen in the search results. You can also leave reviews on Goodreads, or on your own social media (make sure you tag the author if you do!).


See? Super simple, and completely free, but if you do even one of these things for your favourite author, it can really help them out!


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