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Falling in love with a rock star is tougher than you’d think…


Kate’s just got her life back together after her divorce when rock star Joseph Wild turns up on her doorstep, fresh from his own marriage break-up and needing somewhere to lie low.


Friends from their schooldays, Kate and Joseph soon find themselves again falling for each other, but is being a superstar’s plus one really what’s best for her and her little boy? And how far will Joseph’s estranged wife, famous actress Genevieve Moore, go to protect her picture-perfect image?

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Startsruck by Emma Bennet

When newly divorced Kate finds school friend, now super famous rock star Joseph Wild, on her doorstep, her whole quiet, ordinary life is thrown into disarray.


Joseph has broken up with glamorous actress Genevieve Moore, and needs somewhere to retreat to until the paparazzi interest in his marriage calms down. Kate agrees to help him out and drawn to his simple, self-effacing charm, soon finds herself falling in love.


But can she cope with the problems a relationship with such a high profile celebrity brings? What happens when he jets back to his regular life of stardom in L.A.?


And how will Genevieve react when she finds out Joseph has moved on? She can’t possibly allow anything to sully her ever-so carefully crafted public image.


Falling in love with a rock star is tougher than you’d think…