I have a confession to make. I’m an unfaithful reader.

It’s rare for me to read one book at a time. I can hear you now…sacrilege! I know. But it gets worse. They are usually different genres. Currently, I’m reading a romance (The Princess Trap), a young adult mystery/suspense (One of Us Is Lying), and a sci-fi/fantasy (Seveneves). Just this past week I finished a horror (Nocturnal) and a paranormal cozy mystery (Accidentally Hexed).

Some might hint that I have attention issues and they wouldn’t be wrong. I’m a multitasker. I handle social media while watching TV. I listen to the news while working. I solve world crises while cooking seven course dinners. Ok, not really. I burn microwave dinners on a regular basis.

The truth is, though, I love all genres of books and find each genre, just like each author, brings a unique viewpoint to the reader.

Consider the world building that happens in a paranormal or sci fi novel. It can be a subtle difference that alters the universe familiar to the reader or a brand new planet and species the author must create from scratch. I’m amazed at the creativity that goes into such books, how an author can look at the typical and turn it on its side with a simple what-if. What if vampires were real and given the same rights as humans? What if aliens landed and took over the planet?

I’m fascinated by modern YA novels. The complicated world in which teens and young adults must interact is somewhat beyond me as a child of the 70s and 80s. The issues of privacy, individuality, and sexuality are explored at a depth previously unknown to me and today’s YA authors introduce these subjects in thought-provoking ways.

There are, of course, elements of writing and stories that are universal. As a reader, I want strong characters that evoke emotion at a visceral level. These characters need to be thrown into an extraordinary situation that tests their mettle through twists and turns. I want to doubt until the very end whether or not they will emerge as victor or victim.

As a reader I’m always searching out the perfect balance in a book. We can all name a few that check off the boxes for us. LaVyrle’s Spencer’s Morning Glory. Kate Quinn’s The Alice Network. The Harry Potter series. Since I don’t always know when I’ll be lucky enough to find that unique blend, I fill my to-be-read list with a variety of books from a variety of genres and authors.

The other great aspect of reading for me is the joy of finding another reader who has read the same book. Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to talk about the story, the symbolism, the plot, and the characters. If I’m lucky, maybe they can recommend another book by that author or a similar author, and I’ll find yet another book to add to my TBR list.

For me, books are about connections. Connections to the past, present, or future. To fact and fiction. To people who think the way I do or think differently. To learning and teaching. To laughter and tears. The more I read, the more connections I make.



Maggie Preston fell in love with romance before she knew what it was, stealing paper back novels from her grandmother’s closet when her mother wasn’t looking. She finished her first novel in college, written during class when she was supposed to be taking notes. Luckily a very good friend would trade notes for new pages. She currently balances her life between the right brain and left brain, technical writer and quality management consultant by day, romance writer by night. Visit her at or @maggie_preston.



Love and Miss Fortune by Maggie Preston

Book 3 in the Hearts of Louisiana series is available for pre-order to be released on March 18, 2021.

Harley Fortune was born bass-ackwards on the unluckiest day of the year. Things have gone downhill from there. She’s been fighting to save the family business- a moonshine distillery – and make it a success but can’t seem to catch a break. Lady luck hasn’t given up on her, however. When a bossy consultant arrives, Harley can’t decide if he’s the answer she’s been looking for or the final straw. 

Chance Gold has the golden touch when it comes to making whiskey. He’s never met a challenge he can’t meet or a competitor he can’t beat. He sees a bright future for Fortune’s Brew if he can keep Harley’s family from pouring it down the drain. And if he can keep his mind on business and not on Harley Fortune. 

Can two people with their minds on business find time for a little romance?’


  • Kathleen Terrell3 years ago

    Maggie Preston is responsible for bringing me back to the Romance genre after many years of… well, avoiding it altogether. Her humor and sass never fail to surprise and delight!