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snotty princess

A couple of weeks ago, I released my first ever children’s book under my real name. ‘The Snotty Princess’ is a story for young children about a princess called Sophie, whose life is perfect, until she wakes up one day feeling TERRIBLE and discovers that even Princesses get snotty noses.

The book was published on my mum’s birthday as I have dedicated it to her as a thank you for the many, many books she read me as a child.

Becoming a children’s author has been a dream of mine for longer than I care to admit, and I’m incredibly proud of this book, which is a collaboration with my lovely friend, Caroline Coskren. I nervously showed her the manuscript one day a few years ago, and asked if she would consider illustrating it. The details were banged out over a bottle of prosecco in her garden, and the resulting illustrations brought my story to life in a way I never believed was possible.

We’re already planning our next project, which will have a slightly different feel, and I’m very excited to be starting work on it.

‘The Snotty Princess’ is available as a paperback or ebook, and can be ordered from Amazon:

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