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I was offered a contract with my first publishers after I’d self-published by first romance, ‘The Green Hills of Home’. I’d been emailing back and forth for a little while with an editor so it shouldn’t have seemed completely unexpected, but it felt it at the time! There are so many stories of authors struggling for years and years to get published that I think there was always part of me imagining it would be the same for me.

My book deal moment came as I was busy cooking supper for six, tripping over cats, and listening to one son read whilst the other three worked on some maths. A regular afternoon in my house!

The phone rang and when I answered it was the editor I’d been emailing and who’d shown an interest in publishing my first novel, ‘The Green Hills of Home’, as well as a second completed manuscript. He asked if it was a good time to chat so of course, I said ‘Yes! Of course!’ while frantically signalling to children to be quiet and to husband to take over cooking. When no one responded to my charades I dashed into the sitting room and closed the door firmly behind me.

I was then able to chat (with my husband poking his head round the door every now and again, dying to know what was going on!) and was offered a two-year contract! The publisher, Joffe Books, an imprint of Not So Noble Books, wanted both my completed manuscripts and first dibs on anything else I produce.

I finished the phone call and went back into the fray with a big grin on my face!

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