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It’s been a week since the publication of Her Sister’s Baby, my new contemporary romance, and what a fun ride it’s been thanks to the fantastic blog tour organised by my publishers, Spellbound Books, and run by the Zooloo’s Book Diary blog.

This was my first official book tour, and I just loved it!

It was so lovely to check Twitter every morning to see what had been shared. Of course, there was also always a little flutter of nerves, what if one of the bloggers didn’t like it?! Thankfully they all did, and so many kind comments were made as well as several wonderful reviews.

There’s a breakdown of what happened each day, with some of the highlights, on the Zooloo’s Book Diary blog:

Zooloo’s Book Diary is run by Zoe, and she did such a fantastic job, everything was so easy, there was very little I had to do! Zoe contacted me once the tour had been booked, and sent me interview questions and made sure she had all the information she needed, then that was it! I could sit back and enjoy! I would thoroughly recommend Zoe’s services if you are looking to have a book tour organised.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the tour, and who shared the posts on social media!



Her Sister’s Baby is available from Amazon now:

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  • Zoé O'Farrell3 years ago

    Wow thank you so much Emma! That is so lovely of you to say and I am so glad you loved your first tour. it has been my honour x