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My latest contemporary romance, Her Sister’s Baby (, was published last week.



I was determined to make the day feel special, and had a lovely time: the day was full of books, cherry and almond cake, and chips,  and included a surprise afternoon out to visit Waterstones in Swansea. I was treated to new books and the most gorgeous journal, which I’m not sure I’ll ever have the audacity to use. There was a special bottle of wine opened and a Big Bang Theory marathon in the evening to finish things off!



Of course, there was also a little bit of work to do in the form of sharing posts on social media from my publisher and the first stops of my blog tour, organised by the brilliant Zoe at Zooloo’s Book Diary (I really cannot recommend her enough).



I got to wondering whether my publication day was typical for other authors… do some let it pass by as they busyily work on their next manuscript? Do I know anyone who’s whisked off to Dubai by their partner to celebrate and doesn’t even glance at Twitter all day? I asked some author friends to find out!

My favourite response has to be from David Thorpe, an award-winning writer of scripts, non-fiction and novels:


‘Laugh. Fall over. Throw a party. Have too much to drink. Not necessarily in that order.’


Ella Matthews, a historical romance writer published by Mills and Boon, is usually at work on her special day!


‘I’m normally working at my day job, so all I can really do is respond to social media comments when I get a break. I should probably do more! Hopefully, when restrictions are lifted completely I’ll get to do an event of some sort.’

Ella Matthews Writer


Boldwood Books author, Jessica Redland, has found that her publication days have changed sincethe Coronavirus outbreak:


‘I don’t write as I find there’s lots to do on social media and loads of lovely comments to respond to. Pre-Covid, I’d drag the other half out for lunch to celebrate but did nothing special for past few cos we couldn’t  Must find a new celebration .”

Kiley Dunbar is published by Hera books, and I thoroughly approve of her food choice on her publication day!:
‘I get my friend Jo to bake a special book cake or cupcakes. I spend the entire day doing social media, x’

Landing Page


Independent author, Sharon Booth, who writes the loveliest uplifting women’s fiction replied:


‘Absolutely nothing special at all. Responding to tweets, comments and shares, thanking people, and getting on with the next book. I should really celebrate shouldn’t I?’


Any offers to take Sharon out when she next has a release?!





  • Sharon Booth3 years ago

    Haha, thanks Emma! Congratulations on your new book, and thank you for including me in this post. You’ve inspired me to start celebrating publication day, though I’m not quite sure how yet. I have to say, your chips and cake celebration looks pretty good! xx