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So I received a very exciting email the other day: attached to it was a contract from new kid on the publishing block, Spellbound Books!


Spellbound was conceived this year by Sumaira Wilson and Nikki East, two awesome women who’ve both been in and around the publishing industry for years.


More about the company can be found on their website:


I’ve been Facebook friends with Sumaira, Spellbound’s production director, for ages. I began seeing announcements on her feed when Spellbound started up, but my manuscript wasn’t quite ready to be sent off into the world. By the time I got in touch, they were closed for submissions because they’d had such a great response from authors in the short amount of time they’d been open.


However, luckily for me, Sumaira had read, and enjoyed, my romance, ‘Her Sister’s Baby’, and said she’d take a look at what I had to offer.


I’ve dealt with my fair share of publishing companies in the past, and I have to say that what I loved about Spellbound was how personal, as well as professional, they were. Emails were responded to instead of keeping me hanging on for months. I felt valued and like my submission was of importance to me.


By the time my contract popped into my inbox, I knew Spellbound Books was absolutely the company I wanted to take on my manuscript. I was absolutely thrilled when they agreed to publish it.


The working title for my manuscript is ‘Her Sister’s Baby’ and it’s a contemporary romance. It’s set to be released March 2021 – so not too long to wait!


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