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Starstruck by Emma Bennet

Goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve updated! In my defence, I have been very busy!

My revamped website is looking fantastic and has had a complete make-over to ensure it’s super swanky with slideshows, fade outs and EVERYTHING. All annoying gremlins have, I hope, been eliminated; many thanks to the readers who dutifully played around on the site for me and helped catch them! You’ve been brilliant.

Personally, I love finding out more about my favourite authors, their news, what inspires them especially, and even what they actually enjoy reading themselves. So, the aim of my website is to allow my readers to do just that!

The main homepage is designed to be a bit of a summary and linked to everything. My blog – which I absolutely promise I’ll update more regularly – can be found here. If you go to My Books, then you can, unsurprisingly, find out more about each of my books and where you can buy them. There’s a little about me here, and on my contact page you can now sign up to my newsletter, which will be full of news, book reviews and recommendations, competitions, and anything else I think people would like to know about! It’s free, so make sure you fill in your details.

I do hope you like the site, though sadly, everyones lovely comments on my old blog posts couldn’t be ported over onto the new system – sorry! If there is anything else you’d like to see on the website, do pop an email to with your suggestion.

Emma x

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