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When my publisher, Joffe Books, showed me the cover they’d designed for the eBook version of my romance ‘The Green Hills of Home’, I loved it. The young couple, gazing into one another’s eyes against a rural backdrop looked perfect

I was born in London, and grew up and went to university there. I considered myself a city girl through and through. I can’t remember owning a pair of wellies past the age of 5. But then I met my

I certainly didn’t find writing my first romance, ‘The Green Hills of Home’, a quick and easy task! It was very much a labour of love, but one that I was absolutely determined to finish. Before starting ‘The Green Hills of

One of the absolute non-negotiables for me when I began writing my romance ‘The Green Hills of Home’ was that my hero be totally irresistible – the sort of hero its not just the heroine who falls in love with,

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it works both ways: women love to be cooked for! I absolutely adore it when my husband takes charge of the oven

My romance first ‘The Green Hills of Home’ takes place in rural mid-Wales, a place so special to me it was the natural setting for my debut novel. Gwen, my heroine, lives in an old farmhouse traditional to the region. Her