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Inspiration by Emma Bennet

Written as a guest post for Erin’s Choice.

I write about love: finding it, realising it, and, hopefully, keeping hold of it. Love is what inspires me – whether it be the love between my husband and I, the love I feel for my children, or even some random small act of affection observed whilst watching strangers. For me it all adds up to one thing: great writing material.

The love I’m inspired by is all encompassing, it doesn’t have to be the love one person feels for another; it can be the passion one feels for a certain place or object, or even the adulation given by a pet. It’s the emotion I adore, not merely who or what that emotion is being directed to.

So naturally, love is at the absolute centre of my debut novel, ‘The Green Hills of Home’, a classic romance set in Wales. It follows the fortunes of a young writer, Gwen Jones, who falls in love with her editor, John Thatcher, despite the many obstacles in their way. But Gwen and John’s relationship is by no means the only example of love in the story.

The Welsh as a nation are wonderfully family orientated, and Gwen is certainly no exception to this rule. One of the biggest driving forces in her life, for example, is her determination to look after, and provide for, her ill mother. Gwen is also extremely attached to her family home and her beloved dog, Oscar. I believe it’s all this love she feels that makes Gwen a character that readers will be drawn to.

John, meanwhile, has none of the attachment Gwen feels for her home. He’s very business-minded, has no pets, is single and is an orphan with no siblings. He has to learn to love the way Gwen does, and this is something that doesn’t always come naturally to him.

I guess it’s simple to be inspired by something as vast as love – examples of it are all around us – we experience it in our every day lives, we watch it in films, we read about it in books. In fact, love is so vast that it’s all too easy I think to take it a little for granted, and not notice the little evidences and signs of it in everyday life.

Love isn’t something I’ll ever tire of looking out for and writing about, and I can’t imagine it ever ceasing to inspire me.

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